After ransacking the Austin music scene in 2005, with blues-driven gunpowder and Brit spit, it seemed that lead-guitarist and singer/songwriter Glynn Wedgewood and his pond-hopping mates in IV Thieves were poised to be ...Read More

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From her pop art snapshots and impressionist oils to her figure sketches and portraits, Houston-based artist, painter and illustrator-for-hire Olga Nydia Galindo wants her canvases to bleed beauty.  More Stella than Frida, but more Lichtenstein than Klein, Galindo makes no ...Read More

In his own words, Jay Cook describes his humble beginnings as the classic DJ story.  “Boy meets music.  Boy falls in love.  The rest is history.”  Originally a Michigan native, who says he “couldn’t match a beat to save his ...Read More

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Coming up with a clever introduction for someone like Gabriel Jeffrey seems a bit pointless.  Given his portfolio, and his extensive body of work over the past decade, spanning numerous mediums, you get the sense that it would almost be ...Read More

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Filmmaker Andrew Shapter craves traveling streets down which he’s never been, and taking you along for the ride. In 2005 as an homage to his late, brother John, a musician who lost a long battle with cancer, Shapter set ...Read More